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IEEE PowerTech 2017

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Special Session (SS11): Grid Responsive Society Through Building Automation Systems – GReSBAS

Wednesday, 21 June 2017
09:00 - 10:40

Room 2.219/2.220

Organiser(s): Aydogan Ozdemir, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey


This special session is related with an ongoing ERA-Net Smart Grids Plus Project, GReSBAS. Within the smart grid context, Demand Response (DR) is identified as the inevitable solution to enhance the economic effectiveness of electricity markets, increase the integration of RES and improve the reliability and flexibility of electric power systems. There are several studies focused on technological and economic issues of smal-scale consumer engagement in DR programs. However, utilities still need to increase their awareness and interest in DR participation.
In this context, the GReSBAS project aims to enable the active participation of buildings in DR programs through gamified competition between building owners using building automation technologies. It will focus on coordinated demand side resources management, without affecting consumer comfort, through locally automated control actions, making it possible for utilities to measure the performance of participators and reward them, providing a socialized framework.
The project aims at informing the society that customers can contribute to fulfil their own expectations. Moreover, they will realize that they are in fact one of the main control variables of the chain. Since distributed generation is recognized as a sustainable solution leading to a major revolution of the energy market, small-scale consumers will strengthen this generation by actively participating in the process. On the other hand, competition has been one of the important tools to attain several key goals in the society. The project brings an active competition of the consumers between themselves for a more efficient usage of electricity.

Presentations and Speakers

1. “Future of Demand Response and Expected Changes in Country Regulations” by Mustafa Bagriyanik, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey

2. “Advanced Models and Algorithms for Demand Participation in Electricity Markets” by Filipe Joel Soares, INESC, Portugal

3. “Building Automation Solutions for Smart Grid Applications and Possible Improvements” by Unal Kucuk, MAKEL, Turkey

4. “Optimal Supply and Demand Bidding Strategy for Aggregators of Small Prosumers” by José Iria, INESC, Portugal

5. “National End-User Awareness Analysis on Demand Response and Gamification” by M. Alparslan Zehir, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey


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