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IEEE PowerTech 2017

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Tutorial 4: Multi-Energy Systems Modelling - A Comprehensive Introduction - Block 3

Sunday, 18 June 2017
13:30 - 15:00

Room 4.205/4.206

Organiser(s)Pierluigi Mancarella, The University of Melbourne, Australia, and The University of Manchester, UK

Speaker(s)Pierluigi Mancarella, The University of Manchester, UK and The University of Melbourne, Australia; Eduardo Martinez-Cesena, The University of Manchester, UK; Stephen Clegg, The University of Manchester, UK; Nicholas Good, The University of Manchester, UK

Abstract. The aim of this tutorial is to provide a comprehensive introduction to the modelling of Multi-Energy Systems (MES) that envisage the integration of multiple energy vectors and systems (e.g., electricity, heat, cooling, gas, transport, water, etc.) from technical, environmental and socio-economic perspectives. The material presented will be based on the speakers’ research activities over the last ten years within the context of several UK, European and international projects. The topics that will be covered include: Background: motivation for and definition of MES; Multi-energy load and generation modelling; Building and home energy management systems; Integrated multi-vector load flow analysis; Integrated optimal power flow in MES; Optimal energy management of district energy systems; Planning under uncertainty of district energy systems; Flexibility, demand response and virtual energy storage in MES; Ancillary services provision from distributed MES; Business cases for smart communities, multi-energy microgrids, and distributed MES; Integrated electricity-heat-gas transmission system operation modelling (steady-state and transient analysis); System level modelling and assessment of power-to-X options (power-to-hydrogen; power-to-gas; power-to-heat; etc.); and, Challenges ahead in MES modelling. Specific case study examples, a list of key publications, and recently developed modelling tools will also be presented and illustrated.


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