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IEEE PowerTech 2017

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Special Session (SS16): Industry perspective on Synchrophasor technology

Thursday, 22 June 2017
11:10 - 12:50

Theatre A

Organiser(s): Vedran Peric, TSCNET Services GmbH, Germany


WAMS technology has been in focus of both practitioners and academics for more than two decades. Even though the technology is now widely accepted, it has been recognized that better cooperation between industry and academia is needed in order to facilitate efficient industry adaptation of the latest academic research results. This panel gathers mainly experts from the industry who will share their perspective on WAMS and present results of the their latest WAMS projects. In addition, the panel benefits from the university panellist who will present the results of the IDE4L FP7 project. The presented projects cover several important WAMS topics such as: 1) Integration of EMS and WAMS systems, 2) WAMS based implementation of a system integrity and protection schemes (WAMS SIPS), 3) Development of a flexible WAMS control platform, 4) Online monitoring of electromechanical oscillations, and 5) WAMS in Distribution systems.

Presentations and Speakers

1. “Integrating Wide-Area Monitoring and Energy Management System for Power System Operations” by Chris Halliday, SP Energy Network, UK

2. “Utilising Wide Area Synchrophasor Measurements for Protection and Control of Electrical Grids” by Oleg Bageybter, GE Grid Solutions, UK

3. “Synchrophasor Applications Facilitating Interactions in Transmission and Distribution Operations” by Luigi Vanfretti, KTH, Sweden

4. “Distributed Wide Area Defense Principles and Implementation in the Icelandic Grid” by Douglas Wilson, Landsnet, Iceland

5. “Operational Experiences of WAMS-based Damping Estimation Methods for Electromechanical Oscillations” by Janne Seppänen, Fingrid, Finland


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