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IEEE PowerTech 2017

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Special Session (SS01): ADVANTAGE: Advanced Communication and Information Processing in Smart Grids

Monday, 19 June 2017
13:50 - 15:30

Theatre A

Organiser(s): Aristides Kiprakis, University of Edinburgh, UK; Pedro Cruz, University of Sevilla, Spain


This EU ITN Marie Curie project is a major inter-disciplinary and inter-sectoral 4 year research effort between power and communications engineering research and development communities, training 13 Early Stage Researchers (ESR). In this session, 5 ESRs will present the current status of their research and the expected outcomes.

Presentations and Speakers

1. “State Estimation in Electric Power Systems Using Belief Propagation” by Mirsad Cosovic, Schneider Electric, UK

2. “Non-Technical Losses Detection in Power Systems using Smart Meters Data” by Madalina Buzau, University of Sevilla, Spain

3. “Consumer: The Emerging Actor in Grid Balancing” by Gautham Krishnadas, Flexitricity, UK

4. “Model predictive control for efficient building heating in the smart-grid” by Pierre Vogler-Finck, Neogrid, Denmark

5. “Four-wire microgrid systems” by Rubén R. Lliuyacc, University of Seville, Spain


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