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IEEE PowerTech 2017

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Special Session (SS14): Mathematical foundations of power system analysis

Wednesday, 21 June 2017
16:50 - 18:30

Room 2.219/2.220

Organiser(s): Chris Dent, University of Edinburgh, UK; Janusz Bialek, Skoltech Center for Energy Systems, Russia


Both simulation and mathematical analysis draw conclusions based on a mathematical representation of a power system, however analysis focuses on inferring structural properties through derivation of rigorous mathematical results whereas simulation makes quantitative predictions for specific situations (with simulations usually modelling in greater detail). One of the most exciting developments in power systems analysis in the last ten years has been the revival of engagement by researchers from the optimisation and control communities in power systems research, along with continued advances by members of the existing power systems community with similar philosophies.
The session will begin with a historical overview and survey of the current situation in the power systems analysis community by Janusz Bialek, with illustrations from his own research experience. This will be followed by four further presentations from experts who work on the boundary between the power systems and optimisation/control communities, with emphasis on important recent developments in decentralised operation of power systems, on convexification of power flow optimisation problems to facilitate more efficient solution, and on graph theoretic approaches. In addition to presenting their own technical work, speakers will show how formal mathematical results have provided greater insight into and improved methods for solving practical engineering problems, and will suggest key areas for future research.

Presentations and Speakers

1. “A diatribe against simulation, or a personal view on the shape of power system research in the 21st Century” by Janusz Bialek, Skoltech Center for Energy Systems, Russia

2. “Graph theory based analysis of power system stability” by David Hill, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

3. “Circuit theory based approaches for robust and unified analysis of electric power systems” by Gabriela Hug, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

4. “High-performance Optimization Methods and Distributed Control Techniques for Power Systems: Theory, Algorithms, and Case Studies” by Javad Lavaei, University of California at Berkeley, USA

5. “On the exact formulation and convexification of AC-OPF problems in radial power networks” by Jean-Yves Le Boudec and Mario Paolone, EPFL, Switzerland


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