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Operation and Maintenance of Stormwater Control Measures 2019

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Monday, 5 August 2019
(Northstar A)Session Chair: John Chapman

Keynote Speakers:

Marc Cammarata, P.E., Deputy Water Commissioner for Planning & Environmental Services, Philadelphia Water Department

Maintenance: The Most Critical Component of the Green Infrastructure Lifecycle

Louis SmithJ.D., Smith Partners, PLLP

Managing Risks and Forging Watershed Partnerships




Posters will be on display for the duration of the conference. 

Modeling the pollutant removal mechanisms of bioretention systemJunxie Zuo; Qingqing YangA study of water infiltration basin and clogging using column experimentsElyasse el mrabet; Bouabid El Mansouri; Badr BenseddikA Review of the Best Management Practices in Green Roof Vegetation MaintenanceAli Karji; Mohammadsoroush TafazzoliHeavy Metals Removal from Industrial Runoff using Manganese Modified DiatomiteLaura Nell; Tatiana Dominguez ; Faegheh Moazeni; Shirley ClarkStorm Water Asset Management Program (SWAMP)Jake Newhall; Bill AlmsConverting Traditional Landscape into Resilient Landscape Citywide to Manage StormwaterHui Chen; Xiaolin Zhong; Nian SheDiscussion on Sponge City Construction, Operation and Maintenance of Old Residential Area in Southern China --Case Study of the Old Residential Area in Changde City of ChinaHuiyun Luo; Jiamu Huang; Siyuan WuUSE OF RECYCLED MATERIALS FOR THE DESIGN IMPROVEMENT OF BENCH SCALE BIODETENTION CELLSTaufiqul Alam; Juan C. Bezares-Cruz
SkywaySt. CroixNorthstar B
Session Chair: Kathlie Jeng-BullochPotentials for Enhancing the Management of Stormwater-Collection InfrastructureMohammadsoroush TafazzoliStormwater Basins as Community AssetsDouglas MensingAsset Management and Rate Structure Development for Municipal Stormwater ProgramsMaureen Kerner; Erik Porse Session Chair: Travis WolfeSuccessful Vegetation Establishment & Maintenance of City Stormwater BMPsDanielle Schumerth; Jen Merth; Tory ChristensenLID Planting Plan Guidance for Reducing Maintenance Costs and Improving AestheticsDonna EvansOptimizing Green Infrastructure Performance: Case Studies of Los Angeles WetlandsJames Bays; Wing Tam; Gordon Haines; Kosta Kaporis Session Chair: John BilottaAdapting Your O&M Program to Ever Changing RegulationsCharles CrowellSCM I&M in Metro Nashville Tennessee, Where We Are and Where We Are GoingElizabeth StienstrawFate of Grant-Funded Green Stormwater Infrastructure: Lessons Learned and Ideas for the FutureJames Cooper; Bryan Arvai
SkywaySt. CroixNorthstar BMinnehaha
Session Chair: Nico CantareroCity of Austin Asset ManagementSergio MendozaBuilding Resilient Communities: Asset Management and Condition Assessment for Stormwater Management ProgramsAllison Bell; Michael Ryan; Amiee Navickis-BraschProactive Maintenance Planning through Purposeful Data Collection: Applying Lessons Learned from 32 miles of Stormwater Pipe InspectionsBethany Bezak; Olivia August Session Chair: Steven PolkMaintenance-friendly Planting Design for Green Stormwater InfrastructureHong Wu; John HallOswego County Tree Plating Project: A Collaborative Urban Forestry Effort to Manage Stormwater Runoff, Reduce Pollution and Test Novel Management TechnologyHongbin Gao; Karen Noyes; Hailing Yang; Wei ZhangSuccessful Plant Species for Harsh Urban Gardens: Observations from the Field and Strategies for Planning and DesignAndrew Novak Session Chair: Andy EricksonControl and Management of Algae in Stormwater FacilitiesDwayne Giesbrecht; Mohd GaziHow to Stop Ponds from Releasing PhosphorusVinicius Taguchi; Benjamin Janke; Poornima Natarajan; Jacques Finlay; John GulliverMS4 Pond Assessments: How to Tread WaterJake Newhall; Bill AlmsRestorative versus Transformative Maintenance: A Dry Pond Case StudyWilliam (Bill) Hunt; Katy Mazer; Sarah Waickowski Session Chair: David FairbairnMonitoring of Gross Solids in Residential Street BMPs to Determine Performance, Maintenance, and CostsSarah Wein; Britta BeldenQuantifying the mass and volume of gross solids/trash in stormwater runoff: Effects on SCM pretreatment designRyan Winston; Lauren Sester; Jon WitterMonitoring of an Iron Enhanced Sand Filter to Determine Maintenance RequirementsMark Houle; Bob FossumSt. Anthony Regional Stormwater Treatment and Research Facility - Monitoring, Operation and MaintenanceJen Keville; Brian Jastram; Udai Singh; Stephanie Johnson; John Pedrick
SkywaySt. CroixNorthstar BMinnehaha
Session Chair: Holly PizaTools for Strategic Asset Management of Green Stormwater InfrastructureTavi Michini; Ashley Willis; Gerald BrightOperations & Maintenance (O&M) and Asset Management of Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) Projects in City of Los Angeles, CaliforniaK. Majid Sadeghi; Wing Tam; Kosta Kaporis; Shahram KharaghaniMULTIFACETED ASSET ASSESSMENT, FLOOD REDUCTION, AND PROACTIVE HURRICANE PROTECTION IN VIRGINIA BEACHAlan DavisOPTIMISING OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE OF AUCKLAND’S STORMWATER NETWORK TO ENSURE PERFORMANCEFrank Tian; Dukessa Blackburn-Huettner Session Chair: Steven PolkReal-time soil moisture monitoring in rain gardens to inform site maintenance decisions with low-cost internet of things technologyKarly Soldner; Ziwen Yu; Matthew Fritch; Stephen White; Franco MontaltoIt's Always Rainy in Philadelphia: Priorities and Progress of GSI MonitoringBilly Nichols; Stephen White; Taylor Heffernan; Chris BergersonBaltimore City experience with Environmental Impact Bond processRosanna La PlanteFactors affecting sedimentation rates, surface infiltration, and vegetative health within right-of-way green infrastructure in New York City: implications for system design, construction, and maintenance.John McLaughlin; Miki Urisaka; Shandor Szalay; Ted Brown; Zhongqi Cheng; Jerry Kleyman Session Chair: Peter WeissCity of Austin, TX-Watershed Protection Department's Commercial SCM Inspection and Enforcement OverviewMatthew BogerInspections and Maintenance of Stormwater Controls – Program Components, Lessons Learned, and Asset Management ConceptsFenando PasquelDedsigning and Contructing Storm Water Management Facilities for Inspections and MaintenanceCliff BuhmanNew Approaches for Cost-Effective Inspection of Stream Restoration Sites in the Chesapeake Bay WatershedDavid Wood; Thomas Schueler Session Chair: John LoomisDevelopment and Implementation of a Mobile Inspection Tool for Outfall InspectionsNicolas CantareroA Municipal Rainwater/Stormwater BMP Inspection and Maintenance Tracking Program - Implementation and Effectiveness:Neal ShapiroGet real-time! Automation and telemetry to improve stormwater monitoring and BMP performanceJoe Sellner; Forrest Kelley
Session Chair: Scott StruckStormwater Research Roadmap for Minnesota – identifying the priority needs for new research and plotting a course to find the answers for operations and maintenance of stormwater management practicesJohn Bilotta; Shahram Missaghi; John Chapman; Lawrence Baker; David FairbairnWhat If Plants Die in the Green InfrastructureWei Zhang; Hailing YangAsset Performance Management and the Evolution of the Digital WatershedJeffrey Wright; Micah StraussMaintenance Costs of Stormwater Control Measures (SCMs) in North CarolinaSarah Waickowski; Bill Lord; Bill HuntTrees, Stormwater and Suspended Pavements: Research and RealityAlbert KeyOPERATION AND MAINTENANCE CHALLENGES OF CHINA “SPONGE CITY” INITIATIVEJim (Yuming) SU; Shengyi Qin; Zhangfei LiTDA: The Next Generation Stormwater Management AggregateMonte NiemiManagement of riparian buffers and use of mycorrhizal fungi amendments to maximize phosphorus removal and ecological performance in agricultural watershedsChristian Lenhart; Laura BenderEvent-based adaptive management to optimize de-icing chloride loadsLawrence Baker; Douglas Klimbal; Ben Janke; Bruce Wilson; Melissa Friese
Tuesday, 6 August 2019
(Northstar A)Session Chair: Andy Erickson

Keynote Speaker:

Wesley Saunders-PearceCity of St. Paul

Rebirth of the Forever Machine


SkywaySt. CroixMinnehahaNorthstar B
Session Chair: Anna EleriaWater capture efficiency and water quality variation in semi-arid medium to large scale rainwater harvest systemsNathan Howell; Ryan Williams; Tania Agreda; Rebecca CrosmanThe Buzz About Rainwater Harvesting Systems and Mosquitoes: Is There a Problem and What Do We Do About It?Kathy Gee; Kaitlyn Dobyns; Kyrsten Gage; Charlotte Pfamatter; Curran Atkinson; William Hunt; Shawn KennedyDesign Reuse For Optimal Maintenance and OperationsCraig Eldred; Doug BodeBenefits of Real-time Control Systems for Operation of Large-scale Rainwater Harvesting Cisterns in Philadelphia, PABabak Kasaee Roodsari; Ziwen Yu; Matthew Fritch; Stephen White; Franco Montalto Session Chair: Sarah WaickowskiClean Water Certificate Training Program Development and Lessons LearnedCarol Wong; Neely LawPartnering to Deliver a Blended Learning Training to Enhance GSI in ParksWende David; Adriana CaldarelliNational Green Infrastructure Certification Program: Raising the Bar in Green Infrastructure Construction and Maintenance IndustryAdriana Caldarelli; Doug Fritz; Seth Brown Session Chair: Travis WolfeSediment Trapping Efficiency and Maintenance of Sump ManholesJohn Chapman; Rebecca FormanBeneath the Surface: Maintenance and Inspection Challenges of Subsurface BMPs.Emily Erdahl; Sharon Doucette; Kristin SeamanOperation and Maintenance of Grit Chambers in the City of MinneapolisNico Cantarero; Sean ObergInnovative Pretreatment for Protecting Subsurface SystemsRobert Woodman Session Chair: Peter WeissDynamic, data-driven maintenance of green stormwater infrastructureBridget Gile; Ali Ebrahimian; Robert Traver; Virginia Smith; Bridget Wadzuk; Stephen WhiteStormwater Behavior Modeling and DiagnosticsChristopher Homer; Shirley ClarkWhat it takes to keep your stormwater BMPs in compliance???Steven PolkModeling Regionalized Life Cycle Cost Ranges for Stormwater InfrastructureEmily Grubert
MinnehahaSkywayNorthstar BSt. Croix
Session Chair: Jim LenhartCan the Good (Infiltration) Times Last? Clogging Analysis for Philadelphia Water Department Green Infrastructure SystemsSean Ferrarini; Andrew Baldridge; Stephen WhiteConsistency of Rain Garden Infiltration RatesMichael Anaszewicz; William Gonwa Session Chair: Keith LichtenLearnings from Management of the Towerside District Stormwater System: Two Years of Operations + Maintenance, Observation + QuantificationMarcy Bean; Dan KalmonRainwater Harvesting Home Run at CHS FieldWes Saunders-Pearce; Rick Jacobs; Nate ZwonitzerStormwater Control Measures Inspection and Maintenance: Program Development, Lessons Learned, and Innovative TechniquesSujit Ekka; Alex Nice; Melanie Gardner Session Chair: Andy SzatkoDesigning a Targeting Street Sweeping Plan for Multiple BenefitsPaula Kalinosky; Mike Kinney; Meghan FunkeReducing sources of solids to reduce filling of stormwater pondsLawrence Baker; Jacques Finlay; Sarah Hobbie; Paula KalinoskyStreet Sweeping vs Catch Basin Cleaning Effectiveness Study for Development of Maintenance PracticesAimee Navickis-Brasch; Taylor Hoffman-Ballard Session Chair: John LoomisIncorporating Field-Based Feedback to Improve Philadelphia’s Public GSI Design StandardsDaniel MoranThe Importance of Collaboration in Green Infrastructure from Design to Post InstallationRobert WoodmanAdopt-a-Raingarden: Engaging community members to care for raingardens in Stillwater, MNAngie Hong; Mike Isensee
SkywayMinnehahaNorthstar BSt. Croix
Session Chair: Jane ClaryStormwater Project Prioritization: Using Hydrologic Modeling, Water Quality Modeling, and Infrastructure Condition Assessment to Optimize InvestmentsPaul Hudalla; Lillian RouillardUsing a GIS-based Water Quality Model to Inform Infrastructure PrioritizationKatie Kowalczyk; Justin FlanneryGetting it right- Implementing an O&M program after 5 years of GI installationRuth Hocker; Kate Austin Session Chair: Kathlie Jeng-BullochDesign for Reduced Maintenance: Pretreatment Designs for Underground System LongevityMerrill Taylor; Jason WrightStop Complicating It More Than It Needs To - Straightforward Maintenance Strategies for Green InfrastructureAndy SzatkoHow Decoupling Capture and Conveyance Hydraulics When Designing Trench Drains for Green Stormwater Infrastructure Can Reduce Maintenance in PhiladelphiaBeth Anne Lutes; Jason Wright; Ryan FucciEvery Day Counts – Simpler, more effective and maintainable stormwater innovations from Departments of Public WorksJames Houle Session Chair: John GulliverMaintenance of New York City's Green Infrastructure AssetsJames RossiRoadside Ditch Inventory, Inspection, and Maintenance RecommendationsRebecca DugopolskiA Roadway Median Green Infrastructure Toolbox to Streamline MaintenancePhilip Wong; Matthew JonesDesign, Operations and Maintenance Plan for Wildlife Mortality Windrow CompostingDwayne Stenlund Session Chair: John ChapmanOnline Stormwater Course - Training for Early Career Stormwater ProfessionalsKatie Pekarek; Shahram MissaghiThe Green Stormwater Infrastructure Academy: Los Angeles Sanitation and Environment is Building the Local Workforce for Green Infrastructure Operation and Maintenance.Jagjit Kaur; Jane Parathara; James Bays; Jesse Williams; Rajat Chakraborti; Ryan Thiha; Wing TamStormwater Infrastructure Maintenance TrainingJohn Chapman; Andy Erickson
Northstar BSkywayMinnehaha
Session Chair: Anna EleriaStormwater Maintenance Program: Money Well SpentPaige AhlborgNew Tools for Developing a Better Understanding GI Maintenance CostsJane Clary; Holly PizaAn introduction to the modeling framework of the Community-enabled Life-cycle Analysis of Stormwater Infrastructure Costs (CLASIC) toolTyler Dell; Sybil Sharvelle; Jennifer Egan; Christine Pomeroy; Jennifer Cotting; Harry Zhang; Mostafa RazzaghmaneshMaintenance, Construction Costs, and Life CyclesJames Houle; Tom Ballestero Session Chair: Bridget OsbornDesigning for O&M on 88 Green Infrastructure Facilities of a Large-Scale Public Right-of-Way ProjectCamille Liebnitzky; Carmen FranksMaintenance Design of Sponge Cities in Central ChinaYuchen Deng; Shulin Liu; Shilong DingDesigning Contracts and Frequencies for Cost-Effective Maintenance of Green Stormwater Infrastructure Subsurface Features in PhiladelphiaBarbara Cushing; Gerald BrightLID Design and Construction Hindsight and Resulting Maintenance: Reflections from California State University, SacramentoMaureen Kerner Session Chair: Andy EricksonWorking Towards Better Private SMP Maintenance: Lessons Learned in PhiladelphiaSteven Demmer; Tyler KrechmerFraming the Future of FridleyJared Ward; Ed Matthiesen; John PenshornAn Unmaintained BMP is a Non-Existent BMPPasquale NapolitanoDOW's Valuing Nature Journey - How a Multinational Chemical Corporation is Realizing Value Through Innovative Green Infrastructure SolutionsTodd Guidry; Michael Uhl; Martha Rogers
Wednesday, 7 August 2019
SkywayNorthstar BMinnehaha
Session Chair: Travis Wolfe Risk-based Approach to Maintenance and Management of Stormwater InfrastructureJanna KiefferEvaluation of Resiliency of Green Stormwater Infrastructure to Climate Change Using 4 km Downscaled Climate Model with Hydrology, Hydraulic and LID models in Zhuai of ChinaZhengduo Bao; Qingqing Yang; Nian She; Yingming XiaPerformance Evaluation of a Climate Resilient LID Treatment Train in Shenzhen University CampusJian Liu; Lingyi Wu; William Lucas; Nian SheWas that Normal? Using Data Analytics to Understand Extreme Storms and Maintenance NeedsMatthew Jones; Ryan O'Banion Session Chair: Katie PekarekGetting to the Source: Reflecting on the Need for Retrofits Based on Several Philadelphia Case Study SitesRyan Fucci; Ashley WillisCoupled Management of Flood Control and TMDL in Sponge City Construction of Zhenjiang City in ChinaNian She; Jan-tai KuoA Maintenance Look Back: The Treatment and Reuse of Stormwater as an Amenity in Minneapolis’ Heritage ParkDavid Filipiak; Elizabeth StoutBuilding a Comprehensive GI Management Program Through Design, O&M, and Monitoring Plan DevelopmentMike Moscariello; Ruth Hocker Session Chair: Stephanie JohnsonBest Practices for the Maintenance of Permeable Interlocking Concrete PavementsDavid SmithEffects of deicing salt on permeable pavement performanceRyan Winston; Keely Davidson-Bennett; Kristen Buccier; William HuntComparison of Cleaning Practices to Restore Infiltration in Porous Asphalt, Pervious Concrete, and Permeable Interlocking Concrete PaversWilliam SelbigPotentials for Technological Advancements of Pervious Concrete Pavements to Capture RunoffsMohammadsoroush Tafazzoli; Ali Karji
SkywayNorthstar BMinnehaha
Session Chair: Keith LichtenLinking O&M guidance and information delivery to research, experience, and implementationMichael TrojanRooting Out Pollution Along the Green Line: Five Years of Green Infrastructure Operation and MaintenanceAnna Eleria; Andrew Novak; Sarah WeinPost-Occupancy Perspective on 10-Year Mature Green Medical CampusKevin BiehnOverview the Three-Year Sponge City Construction Programs in ChinaNian She; Xiangqiang Ye; Jiang Zhao Session Chair: John LoomisGreen Stormwater Infrastructure Maintenance - Costs, Strategy and DesignCatherine WytychakEvaluating long-term changes and maintenance implications in bioretention filter mediaJeffrey Johnson; William HuntAging Bioretention: A Retrospective Comparison of Nutrient Treatment Efficiency in a 16- Year Old Bioretention CellJeffrey Johnson; William HuntSmaller, faster, cheaper – An inside look at the operation and maintenance implications of the race to increase biofilter hydraulic loading ratesVaikko Allen; Craig Fairbaugh Session Chair: Brian Jastram Stormwater Management Capacity of Artificial Turf Grass FieldsJohn McLaughlin; Miki Urisaka; Kimberly DiGiovanni; Franco Montalto; Jerry Kleyman; Paul WojtalPrivate Stormwater Best Management Practice Maintenance ProgramRyan JohnsonMechanisms for Protecting Green Stormwater Infrastructure from Urban Development ImpactsAshley Willis; Gerald BrightCITY OF AUSTIN, TX WATERSHED PROTECTION DEPARTMENT’S STORMWATER CONTROL MEASURE (SCM) MAINTENANCE PROGRAM– T. FRANKE & M. WESTBROOKMatt Westbrook; Tom Franke


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